Wing Kwong Gymnasium (榮光健身學院) was the predecessor of Wing Kwong Tai Chi Academy (榮光太極健身學會) . It was established by Master Cheng Wing Kwong (鄭榮光1903 – 1967), a disciple of Wu Jianquan (吳鑑泉1870 – 1942) who was the grand master and founder of the Wu Style Tai Chi. More information...

  Name of Academy : Wing Kwong Tai Chi Academy  
  Honorary President : Mrs. Cheng To Yin Ting  
    Mr. Cheng Pui Kong  
    Mr. Cheng Hing Tong  
    Dr. Cheng Sealing  
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  Cheng Wing Kwong Wu Style Warm up Exercise  
  Cheng Wing Kwong Wu Style Continuous Round Hand Form  
  Cheng Wing Kwong Wu Style Tai Chi Sabre Form  
  Cheng Wing Kwong Wu Style Tai Chi Sword Form  
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Tutor List
  KWOK Tak Yin [Principal Instructor]  
  Mr Kwok obtained his Master of Science Degree in Exercise Science from the Hong Kong Chinese University, and his Master of Science Degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from the University of Warwick. Mr. Kwok earned his Martial Arts Duan 6 from the Chinese Wushu Association. He learnt Wing Chun from Ip Chun, the eldest son of Wing Chun Master, Ip Man, and is now a certified coach in Wing Chun Ip Chun Academy. Mr Kwok also learnt "Zhao Bao He Style" Tai Chi from Cheung Man Keung, the son of "He" style Master, Ji Chang Xiu (founder of Hong Kong "Zhao Bao He Style" Tai Chi Association). Two years after that, he also learnt "Wu" style Tai Chi from Dr Lau Wai Shing, the disciple of Cheng Pui Ki who is the eldest son of Wu Style Cheng's Tai Chi Grand Master, Cheng Wing Kwong. Since 2007, Mr Kwok has been participating in different wushu contests and has won championships in "Wu Style" Tai Chi Chuan, "Zhao Bao He Style" Tai Chi Chuan and "Wu Style" Broadsword.  


  CHEUNG Mei Ling  
  Ms. Cheung’s father has been a good friend of Master Cheng Pui Ki. From 1981 onward, she learned Wu style square hand form from Master Cheng. She stopped for a while and, encouraged by her husband, Mr. Ho Hing Chung, returned to Master Cheng again. Master Cheng and his wife trained her with love and care in Tai Chi hand form, sword, broadsword and spear. They even taught her ways of developing internal energy (Neigung) in order to train her body. Ms. Cheung is a frank and open person with optimistic character. She teaches junior members wholeheartedly and without reservation. She is loved by all her students.  
  CHUNG Yuk Fai (逸新)  
  In the 70’s, after an operation to remove stones in the gall bladder, through introduction by his friends, Mr. Chung learned Wu’s Tai Chi Tai Chi from the inside disciple of Cheng Wing Kwong, Master Wu Sing for over thirty years. He set up his own Qigong Academy in 2002. Apart from teaching Tao’s meditation Qigong and Tai Chi Qigong, he edited the Wu’s Tai Chi books and authored his own book for the benefit of Tai Chi practitioners.  
  HO Hing Chung  
  Mr. Ho was a proprietor of a printing Company before his retirement. His father was an inside disciple of Grandmaster Cheng Wing Kwong. Mr, Ho followed his father to learn Tai Chi under Cheng Wing Kwong in order to improve his general health. He took orders to maintain the original style of the Chen Wing Kwong Wu style Tai Chi hand form, sword, broadsword, spear, push hands and Qigong. Mr. Ho is a humble person who is willing to teach the juniors with kindness and patience. He is well respected by his peers. Mr. Ho has made significant contributions to Wing Kwong Tai Chi Academy and has been regarded as a wonderful instructor as well as a good friend to the members.  
  HO Yuen Choi Gordon  
  Gordon is a factory owner. In 1999, due to health problem, his wife Janita started to learn Tai Chi. After a year's practice, he saw with his own eyes the reatoration of her health. Out of curiosity, Gordon went with Janita to learn Tai Chi under Master Cheng Pui Ki's Wing Kwong Academy. After that, he started to love Tai Chi and learnt from Master Cheng Tai Chi Chuan, Broadsword, Sword, Spear and Qigong. Gordon became one of the inside disciples of Master Cheng. In all Tai Chi lesson at that time, he considered the 30-minute practice of Tai Chi Spear as his most memorable exercise, and has huge sense of achievement. He also considered the 4 years close relationship with Master Cheng as his most valuable time in life. Master Cheng not only taught him a lot of Tai Chi techniques, but also other philosophy beyond those exercises. The experience with Master Cheng could only stay in his memory after Master Cheng passed away in 2004.  
  May YM Lai  
  May Lai Yuk Mei graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic with an Endorsement Certificate in Management Services, Department of Manufacturing Engineering. While she was working, she studied part-time and was awarded a Master of Business Administration (MBA). May has been working as Training Specialist and Consultant to commerce and industry for many years. All the time in the past May has keen interest in Tai Chi. Through introduction by her friend, she joined the Wing Kwong Tai Chi Academy in early 2009. She learned the art of Tai Chi from Master Kwok Tak Yin, Master Ho Hing Chung and Master Lau Wai Shing. She worked extremely hard during the past four and half years and has shown great advancement in the hand form, sabre and sword. She started practising push hands and Qigong since last year. During 2010 to 2013, she participated in the annual Hong Kong International WuShu Festival and has won gold and silver medals in both group and individual competition in hand form and sabre. She contributes to the construction and maintenance of the Academy’s website as well as to the teaching of tai chi hand form to beginners. She is the rising star of the Academy.  
  LAU Wai Shing  
  Dr. Lau Wai Shing obtained his Doctoral Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Manchester. Before his retirement, he has been Head and Chair Professor of the Manufacturing Department of the Hong Kong Polytechnic. He was also Principal of the Institute of Vocational Education (Chai Wan), and as Deputy Executive Director (Operation) of the Vocational Training Council. He became the inside disciple of Master Cheng Pui Ki, eldest son of Grandmaster Cheng Wing Kwong in 1977. He practised Wu’s style Tai Chi under Master Cheng Pui Ki for more than thirty year. In 1999, he learned "Zhao Bao He Style" Tai Chi under Master Cheung Man Keung, the World Champion in sword and spear, Master Cheung Man Keung. In the past decade, Dr. Lau has been actively promoting Tai Chi and has successfully developed the first Hong Kong Higher Diploma course in Sports with Tai Chi as core subject. Apart from that, he has also organized numerous Tai Chi classes and has been invited as Honorary President of the Hong Kong Wu Shu Festivals for the past years.  
  LI Hung Howard  
  Howard studied at St. Paul's College and graduated in Communication studies from the Hong Kong Baptist University. He involved once in Music Production and is now a owner of a Furnishing Company. In 2005, Howard started to learn "Wu" Style Tai Chi. A year later, he learnt push hands from Dr. Lau Wai Shing, the inside disciple of Cheng Pui Ki who is the eldest son of Wu Style Cheng's Tai Chi Grand Master, Cheng Wing Kwong. Howard learns a lot from Dr Lau, not just on push hands, but also on cultivation of self development. Howard is now teaching push hands in Wing Kwong Tai Chi Academy classes.  
  MOK Yiu Wah  
  Mr. Mok is a retired Civil Servant. He learned Tai chi at the age of 11. At 12, he followed Grand Master Cheng Wing Kwong and learned Xingyiquan and Eight Trigrams from him. He was asked by Cheng Wing Kwong to teach and help his last three students. Later on Mr. Mok became an assistant instructor at Wing Kwong Tai Chi Institute and also became inside disciple of Master Cheng Pui Ki. Mr. Mok has been working at various Government Departments for 35 years. He also has been teaching Tai chi at various offices and schools in Hong Kong. Mr. Mok also learned Chinese medical practice from the late and famous Mr. POON Pak Sun. Mr. Mok is specializing at acupuncture and Chinese medical message.  
  TAI Choi Ha Janita  
  Janita is a factory owner. She once suffered from spinal problem which affected her health. In 1999, with recommendation from a friend, Janita went to learn Tai Chi from Master Cheng Pui Ki. After repeated practice, she found her spinal situation improved and gradually restored her health. In 2003, Master Cheng accepted her as an inside disciple and taught her different Tai Chi techniques. Having learnt Tai Chi with Master Cheng for years, Janita still recalls the tough training imposed by Master Cheng. Exercises such as the 30-minute "Angel's Walk" and the 40-minute "Baqua Steps" not only train up one's capability and strength but also form an unforgettable memory between the Master and the disciples.  
  TONG Ying Tat  
  Mr. Tong was in fountain pen business at his earlier years. He then changed into transportation and construction industry. In the 1960s, he learned Wu style Tai Chi from Grandmaster Cheng Wing Kwong, and became the earliest inside disciple of Master Cheng Pui Ki, son of Cheng Wing Kwong. He has been practising Tai Chi for over 40 years. Mr. Tong has his own characteristic in practising his Tai Chi forms in that he utilizes his waist movement in his forms and has been praised by Master Cheng Pui Ki. Mr. Tong believes that no one would regret taking up Tai Chi as a sport. If practised frequently, it can yield great benefits and add agility to the body. During the past years, Mr. Tong has his own deep understanding of Tai Chi. For the time being he is concentrating on the “relaxed” way of performing the Tai Chi forms.  
  TSE Tsz Wah  
  Dr. Tse has been a medical doctor since 1995, having obtained his medical degree from the University of Hong Kong. He then began to study acupuncture at HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPACE). In 2000, he went to Beijing for further study in acupuncture. In Beijing, he decided to learn Taichi from Wu's Tai Chi Master Li Ping Zhi and mastered both Simplified Tai Chi 24 style and Wu's Tai Chi 45 competition style. After returning to Hong Kong, Dr. Tse learnt Wu's Tai Chi 108 style and Tai Chi Knife from Master Cheng Pui Ki. Master Cheng also kindly made him one of his last group of apprentices. As an apprentice, he was taught the Qi Gong method. Dr. Tse later had the honor to be taught by Master Cheng's wife the Wu's Tai Chi Sword. He was also flattered to be the human cushion for Prof Lau Wai Shing's pushing hand practice. Dr. Tse is deeply grateful for the patient guidance and teaching from them all. He participated in the Hong Kong Martial Arts festival in 2009 and won the first place in Wu's Tai Chi Knife. In the same year, he also qualified as a registered Chinese Medical Practitioner. In 2010, he married Master Cheng Wing Kwong's granddaughter Cheng Sealing and they have one lovely daughter.  
  WAI Kee Nung  
  Dr. Wai is a native of Hong Kong. During the Japanese occupation, his family took refuge in Macau and further suffered from the unfortunate death of his father. When the family returned to Hong Kong, Dr. Wai attended Lingnan Secondary School and graduated from St. Mark's College in 1955. He subsequently studied in the US and conducted research on the formulation and production of pharmaceuticals. Having worked in the US and the UK for years, Dr. Wai returned to Hong Kong in 1972. His academic accomplishments and achievements have been documented in Who's Who in the Commonweath (1982). As Dr. Wai began to build his business in Hong Kong, he also studied Taichi with Mr. Cheng Pui Ki for five years before becoming one of his disciples. With the launching of economic reforms in China in the 1980s, Dr. Wai worked extensively as an industrial consultant to various food and beverage manufacturers on the mainland. It was only after the handover in 1997 that Dr. Wai resumed his Taichi practice with Mr. Cheng Pui Ki. It also marked the beginning of his pursuit for simplicity in life, harmony with nature, and peace with perfection. On an everyday basis, Dr. Wai contributes his professional knowledge and time to the betterment of Hong Kong, some of which could be viewed at  
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